Introduction to the Neil Munro Society Archive Catalogue

This first draft of the catalogue of the Society's Archive comprises merely the books and other works by Neil, as well as the letters from him to a number of different correspondents, which the Society holds. The Catalogue is divided into two main sections, Works by Neil Munro, pp.1-18 and Correspondence by Neil Munro pp.19 and 20.

The first section is arranged chronologically, by date of the first publication of the work, with subsequent editions being listed chronologically after the first or earliest edition held. Where the first edition of a work is not held, then the work itself is listed at the appropriate point in the chronological sequence with a note added to the catalogue entry to alert the user to the date of the first edition. An example of this can be seen in the entry for Gilian the Dreamer on page 4 of the catalogue. The description of each item follows the basic pattern of title, edition (where necessary), place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and notes on dust jackets, bindings, illustrations, printing, provenance and contents have been added to the descriptions of the book where necessary.

The second section of the catalogue relates to the correspondence by Neil which the Society holds. Again, this is arranged chronologically and a synopsis of each letter is given.

It is intended to further expand this catalogue to include the contemporaneous works, secondary works, criticism, genealogy, biography and obituaries held by the Society Archive.

James Beaton
Honorary Archivist
Neil Munro Society