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Views and Reviews


Ainslie, Hew: V&R, 4th September 1919

Anderson, Alexander: V&R,4th September 1919

Ballad of Reading Gaol, The: V&R, 24th February 1898

Boon, H.G.Wells: V&R, 28th October,1920

Buchan, J,Francis & Riversdale Grenfell: V&R, 28th October,1920

Burns, Robert: V&R, 4th September 1919; 22nd January 1920

Carmichael, Archibald(sic): V&R, 4th October 1900

Carmina Gadelica: V&R, 4th October 1900

Drama (Gaelic): V&R, 21st May 1914

Erskine, Hon. R.: V&R, 21st May 1914

Farrell, F.A., The Fifty-First Division, War Sketches : V&R, 28th October,1920

Glasgow Novels:V&R,28th October,1920

Fifty-First Division:War Sketches,The, F.A.Farrell: V&R, 28th October,1920

Graham, Rev.Henry Grey: V&R, 8th February 1900

Hay, John Macdougall: V&R, 18th December 1919

Hyslop, James: V&R, 4th October 1919

Jacob,Violet: V&R, 4th September 1919

McColl, Evan: V&R, 11th August, 1898

McCunn, Hamish: V&R, 4th September 1919

Macdonald, Hugh: V&R, 4th September 1919

Mackenzie, Compton: V&R, 28th August 1913

Macleod, Fiona: V&R, 2nd February 1899

Miller, William: V&R, 4th September 1919

Munro, Neil:

(Introduction to '51st Division: War Sketches'):V&R, 28th October,1920

(Literary Influences): V&R, 21st March 1901

Murray, Charles: V&R, 4th September 1919

Niven, F., : V&R, 28th October,1920

Northern Numbers: V&R, 23rd December 1920

Novel (Future Scots): V&R, 8th February 1900

Poets (Scottish): V&R, 4th September 1919

Ramsay, Allan: V&R, 4th September 1919

Rodger, Sandy: V&R, 4th September 1919

Roy, Joseph: V&R, 4th September 1919

Scots Novel: V&R, 8th February 1900

Sharp, William (see Fiona Macleod): V&R, 2nd February 1899

Wallace, William: V&R, 8th February 1900

Wells,H.G., Boon : V&R, 28th October,1920

Wilde,Oscar: The Ballad of Reading Gaol: V&R, 24th February 1898

Women Writers : V&R, 28th October, 1920