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House of Lochar: Lendrum, Lesley: Neil Munro - the biography.
An essential item for all Munro enthusiasts' bookshelves - excellent research married to family knowledge and insights
£22.00 £20.00  
Kennedy & Boyd: Munro, Neil, with introduction by George Blake: The Looker-On
Extracts from Neil Munro's journalism first published in 1933.
£14.95 £12.50  
Kennedy & Boyd: Munro, Neil, with introduction by George Blake: The Brave Days
Extracts from Neil Munro's journalism first published in 1931.
£14.95 £12.50  
FrontList Books: Ayrshire Idylls
The text of Munro’s 10 short stories based on people and incidents in Ayrshire’s history
£5.99 £5.00  
FrontList Books: The Shoes of Fortune
Munro’s post '45 novel set in Scotland and France. With introduction by Ronnie Renton.
£8.99 £8.00  
House of Lochar: Munro, Neil Children of Tempest. A love story and an adventure set in the Western Isles - but as Ronnie Renton suggests very much more than that. It reflects Munro' s knowledge of Celtic folklore and traditional beliefs - one of Munro's lesser-known books perhaps, but well worth discovering. £8.95 £8.00  
House of Lochar: Exploring New Roads: Essays on Neil Munro The first collection of essays on Munro's life and work. Breaks new ground in the understanding of Munro. Edited by Ronald W Renton & Brian D Osborne. £7.99 £7.00  

Birlinn: Complete Para Handy

All the stories published in Munro’s lifetime plus others recovered from the Evening News files plus notes, etc. by Brian Osborne & Ronnie Armstrong
New reprint with extra story




Birlinn: Erchie, my droll friend All the stories published in Munro’s lifetime plus scores of others recovered from the News plus notes by Osborne & Armstrong. New enlarged version




Birlinn: Jimmy Swan the joy traveller Appearing on their own for the first time in Birlinn. Notes and intro. by Osborne & Armstrong




Birlinn: That Vital Spark - A Neil Munro Anthology The first comprehensive anthology of Munro’s work - much of it appearing for the first time in book form. Light fiction, short stories, poetry, journalism, criticism and the uncompleted novel The Search. Edited by Osborne & Armstrong. 

Sorry, this item is out of print.


Birlinn: Cradle of the Scots: an Argyll anthology edited by Osborne, Armstrong & Renton A comprehensive and attractive collection of the literature of Argyll from St Columba to Robin Jenkins




B&W: Doom CastleMunro’s novel of Dunderave and Inveraray after the ‘45




B&W: Gilian the DreamerInveraray after 1815 and a young boy growing up



B&W: John Splendid Set in the period of the little wars of Lorn and the attack by Montrose on Inveraray



B&W: The New Road Travel north with Aeneas & Ninian Macgregor Campbell, spymaster to Argyll, uncover dark doings and Jacobite plots

Sorry, this item is out of print.

A limited number of copies,strictly not for resale, are available at no charge to members only.

Creag Darach:  The Ring of Words: Argyll by Louis Stott    A concise gazetteer of Argyll and the literary associations of each location in the county.




House of Lochar: The Daft Days  Munro’s novel about a girl growing up in Inveraray. Intro. by Ronnie Renton. New



House of Lochar: The Lost Pibroch The definitive edition of Munro’s first collection of Highland stories with notes and introduction




House of Lochar: Jaunty Jock A collection of Munro’s later short stories - notes and introductions by Ronnie Renton & Lesley Bratton




ASLS: Scotnotes 'Neil Munro's John Splendid and The New Road' Teaching Notes edited by Ronnie Renton




Neil Munro Society: Typescript of Macpherson 1909 Munro play based on his Erchie Macpherson character


ParaGraphs 5 Spring 1999


ParaGraphs 6 Winter 1999


ParaGraphs 7 Spring 2000


ParaGraphs 8 Winter 2000


ParaGraphs 10 Winter 2001


ParaGraphs 11 Spring 2002   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 12 Winter 2002   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 13 Spring 2003   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 14 Winter 2003   £1.50  

ParaGraphs 15 Spring 2004


ParaGraphs 16 Winter 2004   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 17 Spring 2005   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 18 Winter 2005   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 19 Spring 2006   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 20 Winter 2006   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 21 Spring 2007   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 22 Winter 2007   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 23 Spring 2008   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 24 Winter 2008   Sorry, sold out.  
ParaGraphs 25 Spring 2009   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 26 Autumn 2009   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 27 Spring 2010   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 28 Autumn 2010   £1.50  
ParaGraphs 29 Spring 2011   £1.50  

ParaGraphs Binders  Attractive hardback binders for 12 issues of ParaGraphs. Blocked with title on spine


Munro’s Ships
A Xeroxed collection of Munro’s writings about Clyde steamers and other vessels

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